Mod. 7 DS106

Day after day it seems that I do the same thing! I mean I’ll switch it up once in awhile and draw or even walk to go get coffee, but sometimes it seems I just don’t have the time or energy. I’m playing basketball as well going to school, so change can be hard to implement into everyday life. But, I got to thinking after reading what ds106 actually was and there would be no way I couldn’t fit it in!

The whole concept on digital storytelling is not one I’ve really ever heard. I had no idea that it’s an actual online course. I think it’s even more interesting that you can leave or join whenever you like all while being free! All it takes is a little technology. Digital storytelling can be such a great thing if people knew and understand what it actually was. It can create creative minds all while telling things only you want people to know. This can also be such a great tool to use in the classroom as an educator. I think students would be more than happy to try this. It’ll open them up to new resources as well as get their mind thinking in ways maybe you thought they wouldn’t think.

With digital storytelling in ds106 one can build an identity as well as develop more skills and creative thinking like I said above. The article ds106 mentioned several course objectives that are quite easy to follow too. Users can develop skills in using technology as a tool for networking, sharing, narrating, and creative self expression. They will also be able to frame a digital identity where one can become both a practitioner in and interrogator of various new modes of networking. Finally, one can also critically examine the digital landscape of communication technologies as emergent narrative forms and genres.

I clicked on an extra link in the article and it brought me to a variety of assignments. Everything from visual to audio and video, to animated GIFs as well as writing! The interesting thing about all of it is that the site contains assignments for and created by participants in this course.

Overall, I think this process can be extremely beneficial as well super fun! I’m going to be placing myself in a large network of conversation and I can’t wait to see what other students have come up with.

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